Why Petaluma: 5 Reasons to Consider

Now more than ever, people have options when it comes to where they start or build a career. Here’s a list of reasons to consider Petaluma.


The Petaluma lifestyle combines country with city, quirky with conventional.

People here like to spend time outdoors—and there’s plenty to do on nearby trails, bike paths, and waterways. At the same time, we like our indoor pursuits—the arts, music, shopping, and, of course, enjoying local food and beverages.

You can feel the Petaluma vibe whether you live here or work here. It’s the stranger who says hello at the market and the co-worker who brings in tomatoes from the garden. It’s the Sonoma Mountain ridgeline and  the downtown skyline. It’s hay trucks, Teslas, and bicycles. It’s old-timers and newcomers—of every age and many cultures—living and working side-by-side.

Sustainable Focus

Want to save the world? Petaluma is right there with you.

Our business community includes companies that pioneered the sustainable movement, as well as businesses who’ve only recently adopted eco-conscious practices in response to concerns about climate change.  Nonprofits like Daily Acts and Point Blue complement Petaluma’s “Green Sector” through education and research focused on sustainability and wildlife conservation. Our school districts and city departments also have sustainability initiatives in place.

Bay Area Access

Petaluma is located near two of the country’s leading metropolitan areas – the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley.

This large swath includes large cities, the state capitol, Silicon Valley, Wine Country, and numerous micro-economies and job markets tied to suburban areas. As a result, you and your family will have numerous options when it comes to landing a job, pursuing a degree, or staying on the cutting edge of industry.

Growth Potential

Growth means different things to different people. Some see it in terms of pay or job title, while others consider skill development as primary. Many judge it by the quality of their professional relationships or their level of personal fulfillment. Often, things change depending on where you are in life and career.

In Petaluma, we have healthy economy fueled by businesses in many different industry sectors as well as nonprofits and public agencies. That means you’ll find opportunities to achieve growth according to your own values, no matter what your stage in life.

Global Impact

Petaluma is well-known for its local loyalties and philanthropic efforts. But make no mistake—we’re a town of world-class organizations making a global impact.

In recent years, several international brands have set up satellite offices here or acquired companies started in the Petaluma area. That’s in addition to our local businesses’ ever-increasing global expansion.

The bottom-line: When you’re a Petaluma-based employee, you have the opportunity to make a difference in yard own backyard while staying connected to the innovations and economies of the world.