Sonoma County Workforce Reports

Sonoma County Workforce Reports

Job Tracker Reports

Sonoma County Workforce Reports are published by the Economic Development Board as part of its Job Market Tracker program.

These reports empower the community to make smarter,  better informed decisions by providing insight into the workforce demands that are driving the local job market.

The Job Market Tracker program analyzes online job postings aggregated from over 25,000 sources to deliver real time insights on in-demand occupations, salaries, skills, certifications, and top employers in Sonoma County.

In addition to providing insight about overall market trends, each month’s report digs deeper into a specific industry. Check out the links below to access the monthly Job Market Tracker reports. Or, contact Heather Lobue, Workforce Programs Manager at the EDB, to request a customized report.

Lagunitas Helps Farmers Markets with ‘Hops for Crops’

Lagunitas is working with Petaluma People Services Center to ensure that our farmers markets stay accessible to farmers and customers.

Skippy’s Egg Store … With A Museum Coming Soon

Skippy’s egg store is making sure fresh eggs are always a part of Petaluma. Run by Petaluma Farms, the retail store sells to restaurants and the public.

The Racer’s Group (TRG)

Spotlight on Vendini, a mobile ticketing and customer relationship management solutions provider that opened a satellite office in Petaluma.

New Deal Projects in Petaluma

History lesson: New Deal projects in Petaluma included the fire house on D and Second Streets. Click here for more info.

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