Petaluma resident helps keep Sonoma County Parks going

Sonoma County Parks Ranger Brandon Bredo
Sonoma County Parks Ranger Brandon Bredo (Argus-Courier)

Petaluma resident Brandon Bredo is a ranger for Sonoma County parks, including Helen Putnam Regional Park in Petaluma.

“For kids … in fact for people of all ages … the hat means I’m friendly,” Bredo says. “Everyone gets nostalgic about Smokey the Bear.”

Bredo documents the nature he finds on his treks,  including wildflowers, like the twining snake-lily, tidytips, mules ears, and monkey flowers he just spotted around Helen Putnam Park a few days ago. He also interfaces with colleges and Native American tribes when artifacts are found.

“As the park’s Supervising Ranger, I’m proud to deal directly with the Sacred Site Protection Committee, and have the Tribe on speed dial. It’s my Indiana Jones part of the job,” he says.

Bredo and his family chose to live in Petaluma because his wife was raised here, giving them a large extended family.

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