Sonoma Coast Spirits

Who They Are

Meet Jill and Doug Olson, makers of pre-mixed cocktails and fine spirits.

A real estate appraiser by trade, Jill started Sonoma Coast Spirits after years of sharing her home-stilled concoctions with family and friends. Her passion for food craft started in high school, when she and her mom spent weekends canning tomatoes and making jams. Today, she continues that tradition, crafting her spirits with herbs and fruit grown in her family’s gardens, while her husband, Doug, handles marketing and sales.

What They Make

Jill launched the business with a pre-made lemon-drop martini, and her ready-to-drink cocktails—in several flavors now—continue to be her signature.  In addition, she offers several types of Grappa (pinot noir, chardonnay, wood-smoked) and Vodka (classic, lime, and jalapeno).

What Sets Them Apart

Jill loves tradition, but make no mistake—she’s not bound by it.

Case in point: her lemon drop martini is a modern, less-sweet take on her family’s recipe for limoncello (a liqueur made from lemon peels). Her Grappas have their roots in a recipe developed by her great-grandfather, but she makes them unique with two distinct varietals (Pinot and Zinfandel) and one unique flavor (wood aged). Then there’s her Vodka: she wasn’t content to craft a classic version only; she just had to get creative with flavors lime and jalapeno, rosemary, and citrus basil.



The Experience

Though it’s located in an industrial building off busy North McDowell Ave, the Sonoma Coast Spirits tasting bar evokes more cozy rusticity than urban grit. Jill is a gracious hostess and has something for all the adults in your party.

Whether you like your booze sweet, spicy, or straight up & neat – you’ll find something to like from Sonoma Coast Spirits. Oprah Magazine certainly did: Jill’s Citrus Basil Vodka and Jalapeno Lime made the O List in July 2018.

The tasting bar is open by appointment only, so make sure to call Jill at 707.331.0718 to reserve a tasting time.

If you can’t make it to the tasting room, you can find the Olson’s products at local retailers such as Petaluma Market and Willibees.

Tasting Notes

Sonoma Coast’s premixed cocktails strike the right balance of flavor (not too sugary), texture (smooth and creamy) and alcohol by volume – at 16 percent alcohol per bottle, they’re a delicious way to tickle your taste-buds without knocking your socks off.

Why Petaluma?

The Olsons moved to Petaluma in 2003, drawn by its award-winning school district and family-friendly charm. Social connections made through youth sports, schools, and other local organizations proved invaluable when it came time to launch the business.

In keeping with Petaluma’s community spirit, Jill and Doug have made a point of donating products and tasting experiences to nonprofit fundraisers.

“It’s important to give back to our community,” says Jill.

“It’s important to give back to our community.”

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