City of Petaluma – Power Shutoff Planning

The City of Petaluma is in the lowest hazard level (Tier 1) of fire threat areas identified by the California Public Utilities Commission. However, Petaluma may be affected by a power shutoff in other areas of the region or on main transmission lines coming into Petaluma.

The City of Petaluma’s leadership and Emergency Operations Center staff are hard at work preparing for a potential power shutoff.  We are evaluating where we might be vulnerable, in areas such as infrastructure, relationships with other agencies that might be affected, and with all the work that needs to get done in the City.

We’re also looking at ways to reduce the impact of a power shutoff on the City. And we’re identifying populations and partners that may need additional education and assistance in the event of an extended power shutoff event.

PG&E is an important partner in our planning process. We’re meeting with their staff and participating in a power shutoff training scheduled for July 2019. Also that month–PG&E representatives will be making a presentation at the City Council meeting on July 15, 2019, giving Council, staff, and the public another chance to learn about this important topic.

Finally, we’re encouraging the community–even more than usual–to prepare their families, businesses, and neighborhoods for any emergency, including power shutoff.

We’re continuing with our Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies (COPE) training program, which we started in 2018.  Click here for more information from the City regarding disaster preparedness and our COPE program.

Read more about how the City responds to an emergency or natural disaster.

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