Petaluma livestock auctioneer keeps tradition going

Petaluma livestock auctioneer Tony Brazil
Petaluma livestock auctioneer Tony Brazil (Argus-Courier)

Petaluma livestock auctioneer Tony Brazil has been orchestrating the sale of local pigs, goats and cattle for nearly 60 years at the Petaluma Livestock Auction. For about 70 years, Brazil has donated his services to fundraisers and youth programs, including the Junior Livestock Auction of the Sonoma County Fair.

At 91 years old, Brazil remains a valuable resource for any historian or citizen interested in the area’s rich agricultural traditions.

Hampton Inn Petaluma Open For Business

The Hampton Inn Petaluma near downtown is open for business, bringing new life to the historic landmark that was once a silk mill.

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There’s a family-friendly Petaluma biking tour you can do on your own that loops through east and west Petaluma. Follow this detailed route.

Hampton Inn Petaluma set to open soon at old silk mill site

The Hampton Inn Petaluma set to open at the end of May at the site of Petaluma’s historic brick silk mill.

Petaluma Retail Sales Tax Demystified

Sales Tax = Quality of Life Every time you purchase a taxable item in Petaluma, you help to improve quality of life in our town. That’s because Petaluma retail sales tax revenues help to pay for vital services in the City, like street maintenance, emergency response, and parks. As a revenue source, retail sales tax […]



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