Petaluma Broadband Options Expand

petaluma broadband options
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Over the past year, local telecommunications carrier Sonic has expanded service into Petaluma.

We’re excited about this move, for a couple of reasons. Primarily, we’re thrilled that our local businesses have more options to choose from when they’re considering telecom carriers.

But we’re also more than a tiny bit proud of our role in bringing another broadband carrier to town.

petaluma broadband options


When we began implementing Petaluma’s Economic Development Strategy in 2011, it was clear early on that Petaluma’s business parks did not have sufficient broadband to serve modern businesses.

There were two main reasons for this.  First, the business parks were built before the current broadband infrastructure was invented, so it wasn’t installed when the parks were developed.  Second, Petaluma’s business parks are too sparse to make the business case to install expensive fiber.  This left building owners and tenants with few options and often times expensive monthly bills to get the broadband they needed.

A small committee of advocates worked for years to fix this problem.  The group was a subcommittee of the Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee made up of a local banker, a local telecommunications broker, the City’s Information Technology Manager and the City’s Economic Development Manager.

We met with any carriers that would talk to us.  We explored alternative technology options including satellite systems.  We worked hand in hand with one carrier to help make the business case to build fiber.  Neither of these possible solutions panned out….

Until now.

Dane Jasper, CEO & Co-founder, Sonic
Dane Jasper, CEO & Co-founder, Sonic


Santa-Rosa based Sonic had already invested in Petaluma’s business parks with its gigabit fiber product. Knowing that we were working with one of their competitors to install fiber, Sonic decided to build first.

Right now Sonic offers its gigabit fiber to most of the office parks in the northern end of Petaluma.  Now, the company is working hard to make the business case to install its fiber in the business parks on the south end of town.

We are hopeful that this will pan out, as this type of fiber will make our business parks competitive with other areas.  It will also likely make broadband less expensive and more reliable for our businesses.

So what inspired Sonic to invest in Petaluma?

“We saw that the Petaluma business community needed significantly faster internet connectivity, and sophisticated telephone solutions,” says Dane Jasper, Sonic Co-Founder and CEO. “Sonic invested in an extensive Gigabit Fiber network infrastructure to increase our footprint in Petaluma’s growing business community.”

More Info

If you have a business on or near the South McDowell extension and would like to know about this opportunity, let Sonic know by calling 1-888-766-4233 or emailing You also can get more information by calling a Petaluma-based telecom service provider, such as TopSpeed Data or Intelisys.

The more businesses in Petaluma that indicate interest, the more likely it is that this fiber will be installed.

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