O’Brien Painting Named Petaluma Small Business of the Year

Dustin O'Brien of O'Brien Painting
Dustin O'Brien of O'Brien Painting (Argus-Courier)

O’Brien Painting was named Small Business of the Year at the Petaluma Community Awards of Excellence. Owner Dustin O’Brien grew up learning the business by watching and later working alongside his father before he inherited the 43-year-old Petaluma company in 2005.

O’Brien Painting had a hand in many community improvement projects, including painting benches and structures at the volunteer-improved Walnut Park. O’Brien also worked with Rebuilding Together Petaluma, COTS, Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma Women’s Club and Peace Officers Association of Petaluma. Current projects include the adult day center on Howard Street for Petaluma People Services Center.

“In our business, you get to move around a lot. You get to be outdoors and there is always new scenery,” O’Brien said. “You get to know people, and it really connects you to the town.”

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