New Deal Projects in Petaluma

petaluma new deal buildings

This New Deal funded building serves as headquarters for the City of Petaluma Fire Deparment and operates as Station 1.

The New Deal — a series of social programs created to ease the effects of the Great Depression of the 1930s — left its mark across Sonoma County, including in Petaluma

As writer Gaye Lebaron relates in a Press-Democrat article on the topic, “We don’t have to look far to see how the New Deal affected our communities.”

Most of the New Deal projects in Petaluma related to infrastructure and City improvements. One exception: the fire house on the corner of D and Second Streets. Designed by architect Brainerd Jones in the 1920s, this building was completed in 1938 and funded in part by a Public Works Administration Grant.

You can read more about New Deal projects in Petaluma from The Living New Deal, an organization that’s building a national database of thousands of documents, photographs, and personal stories about public works made possible by the New Deal.

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