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The Back Story:

When Lori Varsames saw her dream job in her dream location pop up on LinkedIn one morning, she jumped on the opportunity and applied.

Her goal was to leave the freelance world for a satisfying employment situation that would allow her family to leave Alameda, which was feeling increasingly industrial and expensive.

After a rigorous application process, Lori was named Content Strategist & Writer at North Bay-based Traditional Medicinals, the leading seller of wellness teas in the United States.

Next stop: Petaluma.

Why Petaluma?

Lori was attracted to Petaluma because it offers the sophistication and conveniences of a city within a bucolic, old-timey setting–much like her experience growing up in Vermont.

After moving here, she was delighted to find Petaluma’s many other charms, from songbirds in the garden to a community without pretensions.

“People in Petaluma are friendly and sincere,” she says. “You’ll be at the bank or walking downtown, and a stranger will smile and say hello. There’s less keeping up with the Joneses here. It makes day-to-day life so much more pleasurable.”


Biggest Surprise?

Lori was pleasantly surprised by Petaluma’s cultural scene.

“There’s a homegrown feel related to the arts with strong community support and social networking that surrounds them,” she says.

“The culture derives from the many elements that co-exist in Petaluma, e.g., agriculture, art, nature, music, wine and food. Petaluma has established a strong cultural identity and flavor that differentiates it from surrounding areas. There’s something for everyone in Petaluma.”

What is she up to now?

Lori is thriving in her new Petaluma community and loves her job at Traditional Medicinals. The company fosters a community around wellness and she appreciates her role at this socially responsible business.

“For 42 years, this company has been doing things the right way,” says Lori. “It’s an honor to work at Traditional Medicinals and to be living in Petaluma.”

“There’s something for everyone in Petaluma.”

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