Petaluma Schools

Petaluma Schools TourWhen it comes to K-12 education, Petaluma is all about options–and quality.

According to, Petaluma schools rank 7 out of 10, comparable to Berkeley and Mountain View, and better than San Francisco schools scoring 6 out of 10. There are also a variety of private schools for those interested in Catholic, Christian, and alternative education models.


The Petaluma area is served by 13 public school districts and 36 public schools, including 7 charter schools and 3 historic “one-room” schoolhouses. 12 of Petaluma’s public schools are California Distinguished schools and 4 are Federal Blue Ribbon Schools.

Public Charter Schools

Petaluma’s public charter schools are an option for families seeking a public school education delivered within a specific focus known as a charter. The charter schools in Petaluma include Mary Collins at Cherry Valley (environment/performing arts); River Montessori (Montessori-inspired); Loma Vista Academy (Spanish Immersion); Live Oak (Waldorf-inspired); McKinley Accelerated Charter (Accelerated learning); Sixth Grade Academy (technology); and Cinnabar 7th & 8th Grade Charter School.


Petaluma offers private education at six schools with focuses ranging from Catholic and Christian perspectives as well as a Montessori elementary and a school for children with autism and cerebral palsy.

Interactive Petaluma Schools Tour

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