Live Like a Tourist

In Sonoma County, every weekend feels like a vacation because you can visit beautiful scenery, experience farms and beaches, and enjoy locally-made craft beverages and farm-to-table cuisine.


Sonoma County’s Redwoods will transform you – hike beneath their soaring canopy and experience the quiet magnificence of trees that have lived more than a thousand years.

Coast & Beaches

Sonoma County’s coastline is rugged, dramatic, and scenic – yet approachable. It’s perfect for relaxing at the beach for the day, taking a hike, camping, or planning a romantic, private picnic.


Sonoma’s wineries range from small family-run wineries to internationally heralded wine houses. There are 17 American Viticulture Areas (AVAs) to explore, each with its own characteristics. Closest to Petaluma is the Petaluma Gap wine growing region. Although not yet a designated appellation, the Petaluma Gap is part of the Sonoma Coast AVA and is one of California’s best areas to grow primarily Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah grapes.


Sonoma County’s three rivers, the Russian River, the Gualala River, and the Petaluma River provide outdoor recreation and boating options that reach to the Pacific Ocean and the San Pablo and San Francisco Bays.

Farm Tours

Farm tours are designed to give visitors an inside look at what life is really like on the American farm. Most experiences include destination history, interactions with animals, and some form of tasting at the end.


All of Sonoma County is known for its vibrant culinary scene. And Petaluma is one of its foodie shining stars. Whether you like it savory, sweet, or hot & spicy, you’ll find much to please the palate in Petaluma or further afield.