Living in Petaluma lets you embrace the trends of today while holding onto the character of yesterday. Raise a family and raise the bar for self-fulfillment. Build a career and have a life. Learn about the qualities that make Petaluma a unique place to live.

Learn about the lifestyle in Petaluma–what we value and how we have fun!

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The Petaluma area offers a school to meet every child’s needs.

Each Petaluma neighborhood has its own personality. Together, they form an incredible community.

Petaluma’s housing options range from heritage homes to modern classics, in many price ranges.

Petaluma is a haven for artists and a hub for entertainment. Read about our music and arts scene.

Living in Petaluma Allows You to
Build the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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The Petaluma lifestyle blends country and city, quirky and conventional. It’s an intersection of sophistication and homespun charm that’s good for the body and the mind.

In Petaluma, we gather eggs from backyard chickens and collect money for a good cause. We walk our kids to school and ride our bikes to work. We appreciate artisan anything — and encourage the maker in everyone.

Living in Petaluma involves sports and books, art and industry, community and individuality. We’re exceptionally good at being normal—but only until we want to be something special.

Hear What Residents Have To Say

Robindira Unsworth jewelry

“We are so pleased that we chose such a beautiful and open minded place to call home.”

— Robindira Unsworth, Founder, Robindira Unsworth Designs

“It’s easy to become part of the strong community that exists in Petaluma.”

— Annie Davis, Director of Business Partnerships, World Centric