Lagunitas Helps Farmers Markets with ‘Hops for Crops’

Lagunitas employees selling beer at farmers market in Petaluma
Lagunitas Brewery gives all farmers market beer proceeds to the market (Argus-Courier)

Lagunitas is working with Petaluma People Services Center to ensure that our farmers markets stay accessible to farmers and customers.

All proceeds from Lagunitas beer sales at Petaluma farmers markets will be donated to Sonoma and Marin area farmers markets. This “Hops for Crops” program donated $4,500 donated to farmers markets last year.

“What Hops for Crops contributed was about the same amount of money that we lost because of the fires. The money went to hire staff, purchase permits, and run the information desk,” said Kelly Smith, executive director of Agricultural Community Events Farmers Markets (ACEFM). ACEFM is an agricultural nonprofit organization which runs the Marin and Sonoma county farmers’ markets.

Lagunitas started Hops for Crops in 2014 and has donated $35,000 since the program began. This is the second year that the program is sponsoring local farmers markets, with Petaluma People Services Center serving as a nonprofit partner to facilitate the donation.


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