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Who They Are & What They Do

Tony Magee started Lagunitas Brewing Company in Marin County in 1995, brewing small batches of beer at home and then selling them off the flatbed of his truck along a nearby country road. Magee moved Lagunitas Brewing to Petaluma in 1998. Today Lagunitas occupies the former warehouse of another Petaluma company, office supply manufacturer Bibero Systems. Thanks to Tony Magee’s vision, the property now boasts a brewhouse, corporate offices, a pub and even an onsite amphitheater.

Petaluma has its own gestalt, and that’s a cool thing.

By the Numbers

Lagunitas is currently on track to produce 400,000 barrels of beer this year (99.2 million pints!), increasing their sales by over 60% from 2012. You can find Lagunitas in upwards of 37 states and five countries, with new markets and areas being added daily. With a new brewery opening up in Chicago, Lagunitas plans to triple their current brewing capacity by the end of 2014, as well as keep their growing employee network (400 employees by the end of 2013) busy into the new year.

Why Petaluma?

To say that Lagunitas Brewing doesn’t always play by the rules is an understatement. Yet this unconventional attitude has not only helped revive the craft brewing industry, it’s endeared the entire company, to the residents of Petaluma. Lagunitas provides well-paying jobs, an entertainment venue and award-winning beer to Petaluma and its environs. It also underwrites numerous fundraisers (often held on its premises) and donates beer equaling tens of thousands of dollars per year.

“Petaluma has its own gestalt, and that’s a cool thing,” says Magee. “I’m glad I chose Petaluma as the place to grow my business.”

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