Petaluma & Sonoma Clean Power Rev Up Electric Vehicles

electric vehicle charger
EV Charging Station installed in City Parking Lot

Over the last three years, Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) helped their clients buy 1,258 electric vehicles (EVs). As a member agency, Petaluma is proud to partner on this important effort.

The City of Petaluma is also supporting EV owners by installing 6 EV chargers in public parking lots. check out the map

Transportation is one of the leading sources of community-wide emissions.

“The transportation sector makes up 60% of emissions county-wide.” Nelson Lomeli, the Programs Manager of SCP’s Drive EV program

A driver can reduce their gas emissions 98% by switching to an electric vehicle.

We are also working on other projects that will save energy like turning Petaluma’s waste into energy with new equipment at the sewer plant.

Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases is at the heart of what we do. For more information about the City’s sustainability programs, contact Diane Ramirez.

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