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Petaluma Neighborhoods Map

The City of Petaluma has created new tools to help tourists and potential talent learn more about Petaluma’s districts, heritage, and attractions. Developed through a joint effort between the City of Petaluma and the Petaluma Visitor Program, the interactive website and color-coded district map and heritage map make it easy for companies recruiting talent and visitors to quickly identify neighborhoods and points of interest throughout the city.

The mobile website,, has been launched with information drawn from the 2016-17 Petaluma Visitors Guide. Organizations and businesses that are not listed in the Guide but would like to have their destination added to the mobile website can provide their information to Petaluma Visitor Program through a google form. Updates to the website are planned to be made on a quarterly basis.

Bump Bakery brings gluten-free goodies to Petaluma

Bump City Bakery in downtown Petaluma specializes in gluten-free goodies. Emily Floyd brings boozy desserts and wheat-free treats to American Alley.

Bees Thrive At Petaluma’s Lavender Bee Farm

Petaluma’s Scott Laboratories  is hosting FERMENT, researchers and producers in wine, cider, coffee, and other fermented beverages industries.

Community Overview & Infographic

Want a quick snapshot of Petaluma and the data that tells its story? Our Petaluma Community Overview & Infographic might be just what you need. With info about median income, housing costs, and other important data, the Community Overview & Infographic can help you understand Petaluma's community by the numbers.   DOWNLOAD the Overview & [...]

Petaluma ‘Miracle League’ field dedicated for youth with disabilities

Miracle League ball field at Lucchesi Park is open for youth and adults with disabilities in Petaluma



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