Company Values

Petaluma companies come in many shapes and sizes. The thread that binds us? Our values!


Philanthropy is an important part of Petaluma’s culture. We’ll turn just about any activity into a fundraiser and transform every charitable cause into a party. We rally behind not just one cause but many—schools, the arts, buildings, people, pets, and more.

Petaluma companies embrace this philanthropic mindset. Many build good works into their company culture. They make donations, offer in-kind product and services, and—importantly—support volunteerism among their employees.


Something about Petaluma attracts sustainability-minded people. Here, telecom engineers come up with ideas for renewable energy. Ex-hippies start capitalist ventures. Farm families go against convention to preserve animal health and the environment.

Being sustainable isn’t always easy. In Petaluma, companies, schools, public agencies, nonprofits, and residents are sharing insights and costs through workgroups and programs.


CamelBak reinvents ways to stay hydrated. Enphase makes solar panels smarter. Digilock improves theft protection. Biosearch keeps cancer treatment on the cutting-edge.

Every day, Petaluma businesses like these discover new ways to solve the world’s problems. They tap into a local brain trust that’s smart and just unconventional enough to make life (and work) interesting.

Family Friendly

Petaluma is a place that celebrates family. It’s not unusual to see multiple generations out and about together—walking downtown, playing in the park, seeing a movie, getting a pedicure.  There’s plenty to do for all ages and plenty of options—from childcare to assisted living—when families need extra help.

Petaluma companies reflect this. Many offer flexible schedules and other benefits so employees can achieve a healthy work-life balance.


Petaluma is a natural fit for people who want to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. You can join one of the health clubs in town or take your workout outdoors to our numerous trails, paths, and the river.

Many Petaluma organizations—such as the Petaluma Healthcare District—have developed formal wellness programs. For others—especially those in the recreation industry—it’s just part of the corporate culture to be active. We have several office parks adjacent open space, the river, and other great locales. So don’t be surprised if your boss hands you a bike and invites you to get pedaling!

Always Growing

A little bit country, a little bit city, Petaluma offers the breathing room—and the resources–to grow personally and professionally. There are workshops, meetup groups, and organizations that cover everything from cheesemaking to app development.

Petaluma has a nationally-ranked junior college campus and is a short drive from Sonoma State University. In addition to offering classes, these resources have mentorship and internship programs.