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Petaluma is the Perfect Place to Build Your Career


There’s something for everyone in Petaluma. Shop or paddleboard. Go bird-watching, or watch movies. Enjoy the arts, music, and the best food and beverages you’ll find anywhere. (Just sayin’)


Want to save the world? Petaluma is right there with you–at school, in business, and across the city.

Petaluma Bay Area

Bay Area Access

Petaluma’s location in the San Francisco Bay Area gives you many options when it comes to landing a job and staying on the cutting edge of industry.

Growth Potential

Petaluma has a healthy economy fueled by businesses in many different industry sectors, as well as nonprofits and public agencies. That means you’ll find opportunities to achieve career growth according to your own values, no matter what your stage in life.

Global Impact

Petaluma is a town with local pride and global reach. Most Petaluma companies have suppliers, customers, and manufacturing plants outside the United States, and a few — like Lagunitas Creamery, LGC Biosearch, and Cowgirl Creamery — are part of large multinational corporations. The bottom line: you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in your own backyard while staying connected to the innovations of the world.

What People Say About Careers in Petaluma

“I found my dream job within biking distance of my home.”

— Dr. Fasih Hameed, Petaluma Health Center

“I’m able to enjoy a fulfilling career as well as a rich family life.”

— Katie Parmeson, Ciena

“Petaluma offers meaningful work, plus time and space for life outside my job.”

—Annie Davis, World Centric

“For both lifestyle and career, Petaluma is just right.”

— William Gordon, CamelBak