Cannabis Business Regulations in Petaluma

The three types of commercial cannabis activity allowed within Petaluma’s city limits are testing services; cannabis product manufacturing (topicals and edibles); and delivery-only cannabis retailers selected by the City through a competitive process (currently CLOSED).

To learn about Petaluma’s Cannabis program, read the policy documents and informational brochures below.

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Link to the city ordinance that regulates cannabis-businesses in Petaluma.

Link to the regulations that cannabis businesses will be required to follow in Petaluma.

Businesses that want to provide cannabis testing services and/or manufacture products that contain cannabis must apply and pay for a permit. Download the permit application here.

Up to two delivery-only retailers will be allowed to operate in Petaluma. These will be selected by the City through a request for proposal process. This process is currently CLOSED. Contact us to learn when it might reopen.

Link to the security requirements for cannabis-businesses in Petaluma.

Link to an overview of how to apply for a permit including a checklist to help you track your steps.

Cannabis businesses are only allowed in Business Park and Industrial zones and must meet distance requirements from schools, public spaces and residents. Review this map to see where a cannabis business is allowed.

If you would like to talk to a staff member, you can call the Economic Development Office at 707-778-4549.  Or, send an email.

More Resources to Help You Get Started

Cannabis Map

Petaluma’s commercial cannabis program limits cannabis businesses to the Business Park and Industrial zones.  It also provides for buffers from sensitive uses like schools, childcare centers, parks and residences.  This map indicates which properties could meet the criteria.  An individual review of the site and the surrounding area will be required to confirm a specific site for the program.

Planning Division

The Planning Division answers questions about zoning, permits, and land/building use. These factors come into play when you move into a new building or propose the construction or renovation of a building. Contact Planning before you sign a lease or purchase agreement to ensure the building is zoned for your intended business use.

Development Review Committee

The Development Review Committee (DRC) is a group of City staff representing multiple departments. The group meets weekly with business owners, property owners, architects, engineers and other relevant parties to discuss how specific business plans and development projects address City requirements.

The DRC will review projects at all stages of development, including the “idea” stage. The goal is to help business owners identify and address areas of concern early in a project. Contact Planning to see if this meeting is right for you.

Economic Development Division

The Economic Development Division helps companies start, connect, and grow in Petaluma. This includes assisting companies as they navigate the City’s development review process. The Division provides a wide range of services and communications for companies of all sizes and business owners of all experience levels. Contact Ingrid Alverde, Economic Division Manager, by email or tel: 707-778-4549.