Bump Bakery brings gluten-free goodies to Petaluma

Bump Bakery Petaluma

Emily Floyd’s Bump City Bakery in Petaluma specializes in gluten-free goodies with a boozy twist. Although there are plenty of non-alcoholic options, cocktail-like creations like dark and stormy cupcakes and tequila lime pie are what caught people’s attention in the early days of Floyd’s business.

Floyd started selling her desserts at various pop-ups and at an art gallery in the East Bay and to coffee shops around the Bay Area before eventually making her way to Petaluma.

“I like to make cookies that are naturally filled with lots of delicious ingredients like chocolate, dates and nuts—other stuff that is not focused on the flour,” says Floyd, who uses her own blend of brown and white rice flours, tapioca and sorghum in her baked goods. “It’s important to get a good texture and for the desserts to be functional—and not fall apart.”

Savory items are next on her list. In the mean time, check out Bump Bakery’s sweets Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 6 p.m at the American Alley location.

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