All Ages Welcome

Wherever you are in life, you will find your place in Petaluma.

Growing Up

Ask any Petaluma native and they will tell you that Petaluma is a great place to grow up.

From family-friendly events like the Butter and Egg Days Parade and the annual fair, to ice cream shops and toy stores, there is something for every kid–even teens!


Nightlife, outdoor recreation and weekend festivals make Petaluma an exciting place to land, especially if you want big city fun in a smaller town.

Petaluma’s venues attract well-known music acts, while it’s parks and open space have room for biking, hiking, and everything river–from kayaks and paddleboards to outrigger canoes and full-scale rowing rigs. With over 45 festivals year-round, there is a hardly a weekend without a party!

30 Somethings

In Petaluma, you can find a home with room to grow.

You can build your career while enjoying the nearby coast, the redwoods, and local wine, beer, and spirits. there are plenty of downtown bars and restaurants where you can meet friends before a music show. Plus, there are plenty of ways to give back, from river clean-ups and mentoring opps, to fundraising dinners and music festivals.


It’s official: You are a Parent!

You want to maintain an exciting career and have time for your family. You want safe parks, great schools, local places to shop, and a supportive community.

In Petaluma, you’ll find it all that while being embraced by neighbors, local parenting groups, and a community that loves kids.

Balancing family, friends, and work is a challenge no matter where you live. In Petaluma, there’s plenty of support to make the journey easier and more enjoyable.

Mid-Life Professionals

Your career is rockin’, and you’ve got the time and extra income to enjoy the finer things in life.

Petaluma is the place to be. Fine dining, art galleries, and high-end boutiques fill the walkable downtown. Great bookstores, idea lounges, and film festivals nurture your interest in the world and the possibility of ideas.

Professional associations, community giving, and local events help you connect and find friends.

Retired and Lovin’ It

You’re ready to retire and or maybe already a few years in. You want to stay active with volunteer activities, yet you also want the flexibility to travel, spend time with friends, or just take a nap when you feel like it.

Petaluma is an ideal place for this phase in life. You can be as involved as you’d like, while still enjoying the good life. And if you need more support — it’s here.