What To Do In Petaluma

Downtown Petaluma
Downtown Petaluma (Daniel Casabonne via 7x7)

The question of what to do in Petaluma always has a wonderful answer. From good food to beautiful views, Petaluma has a lot to offer locals and visitors alike.

7×7 put together its ‘modern’ guide to Petaluma. Newly opened Chicken Pharm joins old favorites like Della Fattoria and Wishbone when it comes to dining recommendations. The guide also highlights the source of our delicious foods — local farms and dairies, including Green String Farm and Tara Firma Farms.

But Petaluma is about more than eating (and drinking … our wineries, distilleries and breweries also make an appearance on the list). Fun shops like the Thrifty Hippy and cozy lodging like the Metro Hotel also grab attention.

So the answer to what to do in Petaluma is … enjoy yourself!



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