Volpi’s brings beer, deer and good times to Petaluma

Volpi's Petaluma bar and restaurant
Volpi's in Petaluma (Argus-Courier)

Volpi’s in Petaluma is more than a classic Italian restaurant. In the back, there’s a 92-year-old pre-Prohibition bar. Decades of photos, accordion memorabilia along with deer and elk heads have made the place a Petaluma landmark.

Most nights, owner John Volpi takes a stool in the bar and plays tunes on his old Excelsior accordion. His sister and co-owner, Sylvia Volpi, passed away recently.

“My dad was an accordion player,” Volpi acknowledges, “and he taught a lot of people to play, but not me. I grew up playing the piano, and I still do. I came to the accordion on my own.”

Volpi’s Ristorante and the bar hidden in the back are part of the heart of Petaluma.



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