Sisters Switchel makes a historical beverage new again

Brenda Lyons and Melanie Larson of Sisters Switchel (Made Local)

Sisters Switchel is made right here in Petaluma. But what exactly is switchel?

Switchel is a 19th Century Caribbean beverage made from water, apple cider vinegar, a natural sweetener and ginger. After making its way to the United States long ago, switchel recipes would take on characteristics of the region where it was made.

Sonoma County’s local version of the colonial classic is Sisters Switchel. This new take on an old drink is made by Brenda Lyons, a former professional cyclist, and Melanie Larson, a personal trainer and nutritionist. Produced in a Petaluma commercial kitchen, Sisters Switchel is made from apple cider vinegar, raw West Coast honey, organic Peruvian Ginger and filtered water.

Switchel can be a healthy beverage that’s an alternative to sports drinks or a base ingredient for mixed drinks. Whether you try it for the health benefits or the good taste, switchel is a great addition to Petaluma’s thriving beverage industry.



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