Petaluma’s Mystic Theater turns 25

Petaluma's Mystic Theater Turns 25. Happy Birthday!
Petaluma's Mystic Theater Turns 25. Happy Birthday! (Argus-Courier)

Petaluma’s Mystic Theater is turning 25!

The Mystic was originally built in 1911, and its art deco design has landed it cameos in movies such as “American Graffiti” and “Peggy Sue Got Married.” But in addition to its early days as a music hall, the Mystic has also been a movie theater with a variety of names – the Plaza, the Palace, the State.

In 1992, the venue was repainted and got its original name back – and the Mystic became a music hall once again. Now it’s a hot spot for live music that hosts national and local acts. The Mystic is a big part of Petaluma’s entertainment and culture scene.

“The fact that the Mystic started to bring in touring bands you would have had to go into San Francisco or Marin to see, that was just really a significant development for this area,” says says Bill Bowker, of KRSH FM. “It was big for Petaluma, and big for Sonoma County, having a music venue like that here. It changed the whole musical landscape of the county.”



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