Petaluma company donates $100k so local businesses can buy life-saving equipment

A Petaluma company is helping North Bay businesses purchase life-saving equipment. Arrow Benefits Group is joining the effort to reduce deaths from cardiac arrest by giving clients a total of $100,000 to purchase automatic external defibrillators.

The group plans to pay for half of every AED purchased, significantly cutting the cost of the $1,800 devices.

“We really wanted to focus on it from a business standpoint. … Cardiac arrest is the No. 1 killer in a place of business,” says Arrow principal partner Andrew McNeil. “The fire department takes about four or five minutes to reach you, so it’s great to have (an AED) on-site.”

Cardiac arrests claim 350,000 lives a year and less than 10 percent of victims survive, according to the American Heart Association. But if CPR and AEDs are used within five minutes of collapse, survival rates can increase by 70 percent.

Arrow Benefits Group has already had the Petaluma Health Care District teach its employees CPR. The company also formed the Arrow Wellness Initiative, which offers free CPR and first-aid training to its more than 900 business clients across the North Bay.



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