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Katsu-san, head sushi chef at Gohan
Petaluma Sushi Restaurant Gohan is a local go-to
Things to do in Petaluma (Sonoma Magazine)
Things to do in Petaluma
Paddling on the Petaluma River
Paddling on the Petaluma River
The Lagunitas is just one of the dog-friendly restaurants in Sonoma County
Dog Friendly Restaurants in Sonoma County
Volpi's Petaluma bar and restaurant
Volpi’s brings beer, deer and good times to Petaluma
The Bodega Food Truck
The Bodega food truck delivers fresh, local cuisine
Salmon Creek State Beach - Sonoma County Sunset Views (
Great spots to enjoy the sunset views in Sonoma County
Best Burger: Tilted Burger at Wishbone Petaluma
Petaluma Boasts Best Burgers in Sonoma County
Cody Hildreth, owner of Petaluma Food Truck Court "The Block"
Petaluma Food Truck Court Set to Open