Petaluma Business Sectors

Petaluma’s key industry clusters are Food & Beverage Processing, Information Communications Technology, Diversified Manufacturing, Tourism / Recreation and Hospitality, Green Services and Construction, Consumer Products, Tech and Biotech and Health and Wellness.

Food & Beverage Processing

Petaluma is a hotbed of new and growing food and beverage producers who are leading their industry. Three Twins Ice Cream, Traditional Medicinals, Cowgirl Creamery, Straus Family Creamery, Clover Stornetta, Lagunitas Brewing Company and Amy’s Kitchen are all located in Petaluma. Many growing start-ups are moving to Petaluma to be closer to these industry leaders. Petaluma’s wine and spirits industry is also flourishing, both in commercial settings and on adjacent agricultural lands.

Information Communications Technology

Petaluma has a high concentration of companies that manufacture communications and navigational equipment and electronic components like audio and video equipment. This cluster also includes publishers and broadcasters, software and internet publishers, computer system design, and other information service providers. Petaluma stars in this sector include Enphase, Cyan, Calix, Hydropoint Data, X2NSAT and Top Speed Data.

Diversified Manufacturing

If you thought all manufacturing had moved off shore, you will be surprised to know that many Petaluma companies make products locally. Products range from plastic laboratory products to small precision tools to components for high end bicycles. Petaluma is also home to a number of specialized machine shops that make prototypes and low volume products for global companies like Tesla and Medtronic. In total, the manufacturing sector employs over 3,300 people in Petaluma.

Tourism, Recreation, Hospitality

Petaluma is a hotspot for tourism, attracting 100,000s of visitors every year. Its close proximity to Napa and Sonoma wine country, Bodega and Tomales Bay, and numerous local, state and national parks makes Petaluma the perfect getaway city–as well as an enchanting destination in itself. Locals and out-of-town visitors alike enjoy the city’s award-winning restaurants, unique retail establishments and more than 45 festivals a year.

Green Services & Construction

Petaluma has a high concentration of firms who offer innovative products and services in the construction, alternative energy, environmental consulting and resource management industry. Firms like Enphase, Hydropoint Data and Sonoma Cast Stone provide elegant yet sustainable solutions to global challenges around energy, water and pollution. Nonprofits like Daily Acts and Point Blue complement Petaluma’s “Green Sector” through education and research focused on sustainability and wildlife conservation.

Consumer Products

Petaluma is the corporate home to several leaders in the consumer products industry, including  CamelBak, Scandinavian Designs, and World Centric. Petaluma is also hub for bike companies, such as Yuba Bicycles and Kitsbow (check out our blog post to learn why). In the apparel and home good industry, trendsetters like Jess Brown, Robindira Unsworth and catstudio bring Petaluma’s eclectic, upscale vibe to the rest of the world. The sustainably-minded, outdoors-oriented lifestyle of Petaluma helps these companies attract the talent they need to stay ahead of competitors.

There’s a strong sense of hometown pride attached to all of Petaluma’s consumer products companies, especially since they support a wide range of philanthropic efforts—from local school fundraisers to regional fitness programs to global sustainability initiatives.

Tech & Bioscience

Proximity to top-tier universities and the availability of commercial real estate make Petaluma a natural launch pad or relocation choice for innovators in the technology and bioscience fields. Raydiance, Occulus Innovative Sciences, Biosearch are among the many Petaluma companies in this cluster.

Health and Wellness

Petaluma’s health and wellness cluster includes businesses that provide a full array of conventional and alternative medical, dental and other health services. Regional healthcare delivery leaders St. Joseph Health and Kaiser Permanente operate facilities in Petaluma. Community health care leader Petaluma Health Center provides primary care, vision, dental, pharmacy and preventive care services at its main as well as satellite clinics located at local schools, modeling cutting edge health care methods that maximize patient outcomes through team approaches. Petaluma is also home to a number of athletic clubs and wellness centers.